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Why you should buy JNCO Jeans Today!

Financial advice: buy JNCO jeans

In February 2018 a statement was released that shocked the entire fashion industry, JNCO announced they were shutting down their company and ending production. Apparently, the style came and went right along with nu-metal and they couldn’t afford to keep production going. With that said, here is why you should buy the pairs of JNCO jeans that are left.


If you understand anything about economics, then you know about the rules laws of supply and demand. As supply goes down, demand goes up. When demand goes up, the price goes up. With JNCO jeans no longer being made, the supply will go down. This is going to put a lot of pressure on the consumer to get ahold of JNCO jeans as there is not a lot left in circulation. For current owners of JNCO jeans, essentially a pot of gold was dropped in your dresser. For non-JNCO owners, you will have to fight to get your pair. I guarantee Warren Buffet owns JNCO jeans.


Remember back in the 90’s when you first saw a pair of JNCO jeans? Your thoughts were probably similar to mine “What the fuck is that? That style is never going to take off! That is stupid.” Now turn the clock forward to 2010 when you first heard of BitCoin. Be honest with yourself for a moment, I bet your reaction to BitCoin was similar to your reaction to JNCO jeans “What the fuck is that? Computer data invented by some guy is now money? That is stupid and won’t work.” Fast forward to 2017 and BitCoin owners are now raking in cash. For those outside-the-box thinkers in the late 90’s who adopted JNCO, similar to the BitCoin adopters of 2009, you are about to be raking it in 2018. 2018 for JNCO is about to be what 2017 was for BitCoin.

The actual Jeans

We have already talked about why you should buy, now let’s discuss what you are actually buying. You are getting durable, unique-style, pile of denim jeans. The pockets are large enough to store your laptop. That is pretty convenient if you ask me. No need to carry a backpack and put the extra strain on your back. For those who like to connect a chain to your wallet, you can really show off that wallet chain when your pockets are 3-feet deep.

JNCO jeans are durable as hell too. My guess is that JNCO went bankrupt because they made their jeans too well. If you buy a pair and it never wears out, why would you buy a second pair? When you think about tough jeans, you probably think of Wranglers.  I could give two shits about Brett Favre throwing footballs to his buds in the mud or Dale Earnhardt Jr. loading wood into his truck. Try slam dancing with a bunch of angry guys at a Gathering of Juggalos and get back at me when your Wranglers survive that shit.

Investment plans

Low Risk, Low Reward

If you are still timid, you could buy one pair and hold. As supply dwindles, you will get some value on your investment

Low Risk, Medium Reward

Now we are on the right track. Make sure you click on the Amazon banner on this page to invest. It would be giving me a tip for the knowledge I am sharing with you.

Low Risk, High Reward

Consider yourself retired.


The financially wealthiest people in the world are outliers and do not go with the crowd. In a world where skinny jeans are popular and are worn by the masses, be the outlier and get wide-legged pants. Buy JNCO jeans and live rich.

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Written by Uncle Internet

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