Respawn’s New Battle Royale Game ‘Apex Legends’ Is Available Now

The Super Bowl is over and depression was setting in as Tom Brady hoisted another Lombardi Trophy.

Luckily, Respawn dropped its new free to play Battle Royale game, ‘Apex Predator’ on Xbox One, PS4, and PC… from out of nowhere,
like Randy Orten, (the Apex Predator and Legend Killer)

The game looks like a mix of the standard Titanfall first-person shooter with an Overwatch style class ability system ie. Tanks, healers, dps dealers.

It’s free to play, but like ‘Fortnite’ it will have a battle pass and microtransactions for cosmetics.

I’m personally excited to dive in and try it out as all the footage looked great. Updates to follow.

What do you think?

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Written by PIPE GAWD

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