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Mike Mayock Becomes Apoplectic After Animal Announces Draft Pick

He may never recover

According to unnamed sources, Mike Mayock completely lost his mind after a Parrot from Tampa Bay announced the 117th pick in the draft.

Zsa Zsa, a parrot on the shoulder of a representative from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers¬†“announced” the pick from aboard the stadium pirate ship. In reality, the parrot just sat on the shoulder of some random social media rep for the Bucs as she announced Jordan Whitehead as the pick.

Mike Mayock was so incensed with this chicanery that fans inside the stadium claimed to see flames burst from his head.

Marc Sessler of the wildly popular ‘Around The NFL’ Podcast, accurately¬†predicted how Mike Mayock would respond to the tomfoolery.

I definitely¬†didn’t write this article to help Marc obtain high octane sangwiches.

This website is run by real Journos.

Go Browns!

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