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Liquor Talk Beer Review: Bud Light Orange

A new summer brew is here

When I saw Bud Light Orange on the shelf at my local Giant Eagle, I thought to myself, “da fuq”. So I purchased it and tried it out. Here is my review.

First things first, you should at least try a sixer of this stuff this summer regardless of your tastes.

Just in time for prom season, Anheuser Busch released its summer brew Bud Light Orange. With other beers out there such as Hoegaarden, Blue Moon, Bell’s Oberon, the market for this type of beer is getting very saturated. With the success of Bud Light Lime, it is not a surprise to see something like this. I would expect to see Bud Light Apple in due time if Bud Light Orange (BLO) sells well.


They nailed the title of this brew. On first sip you will definitely notice the strong, almost overwhelming, orange flavor. Anheuser Busch advertises that BLO is brewed with orange peels. You can definitely taste it. I am curious why they brewed it with the shittiest part of the orange that nobody eats. Shouldn’t they have brewed it with the sweet juicy fruit part of the orange? I digress. After the initial orange blast, you do get a Bud Light beer aftertaste reminding you that you are indeed drinking a beer. The aftertaste is what saves BLO from being Bacardi O 2.0 or Mikes Hard Orange juice. The initial sweet and later bitter aftertaste do compliment each other well.


Bud Light is known for its drinkability. “I feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now” – a guy drinking bud light. I was worried after my first BLO that I would not want to have another 3 or 4. I felt the orange flavor would stick in my mouth too much and I would want to switch something else. I ended drinking 6 and was fine. This is a beer you can buy a 12 of and throw it in a cooler and be okay (maybe a water after a few). This is definitely not like an IPA or a Zima where you can only handle 3 or so before you need to switch to something else.

Speaking of an IPA, some beers are really great with food. After eating a plate of spaghetti, washing it down with an IPA is awesome. The beer and food go together like Tango and Cash. BLO is not that. This is beer should not be consumed with any food with the exception of fruit. This beer really has a niche of drinking on a hot day when you want something refreshing that will also get you drunk. Beach, barb-b-q, graduation party, by the pool, this is where you want BLO.
Overall: Good

How it compares

I personally think BLO is not as good as Bud Light Lime (which is not as good as regular Bud Light). I also do not think it is as good the other beers I mentioned earlier with the exception of Blue Moon. I would take BLO over Blue Moon and I like Blue Moon. BLO compares most closely to UFO White, which also has a strong orange flavor.

Who is this beer for

I would recommend this beer for teenagers and folks who do not drink that much. As mentioned earlier, the Bud Light aftertaste saves this beer from being a full on chick drink. However, I would not judge a guy if they were drinking BLO like I would if they were drinking some type of cream puff, not your Uncle’s popsicle, fruit explosion brew. Myself, I do like a little bit more of that beer flavor. I am also known to regularly drink Jerichos (water and vodka) so I do like the adult part of an adult beverage. If you do like a sweet flavor (like an Angry Orchard beer), then you would definitely enjoy BLO.

Final Grade


Anheuser Busch’s latest offering is solid, but definitely not atop of their list of beers. It does fill that niche of a summer brew that can be refreshing. I will probably buy this again specifically when I have that particular taste itch I want to scratch, but that won’t be too often.






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