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13 Images of Bread Stapled To A Tree You Didn’t Know You Needed To See

The Internet is a strange place, often filled with hate, racism, sexism, and other horrible atrocities. But in one small corner of the web, there are a bunch of weirdos posting pictures of bread stapled to trees. It makes no sense…and that’s why it makes so much sense.

From the ToastStapledToTrees SubReddit…

1. A beautiful winter scene.

2. Papaya and 7 Grain.

3. Someone got carried away at The Olive Garden.

4. So many options…

5. Lemon fresh Potato Bread

6. A beautiful Sunset

7. The Butt Piece

8. More Butt Piece

9. Unleavened Bread

10. Hamburger Buns

11. Some Naan

12. The Rye really goes well with this Snowy Fungus

13. Toastifix

Bonus Feature: Might as well Tag the whole neighborhood.

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Written by PIPE GAWD

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